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DAVian Rahul Sharma brings laurels to the school Back to Achievement Page

Rahul Sharma DAV Public School alumni, has made his school proud by grabbing 76 th

rank in UPSC civil services examination. Celebrating his feat with the school he quoted , “

Hardwork and patience are key factors that led him to achieve his desired goals.” Rahul

Sharma’s father Mr. P.K. Sharma ( Principal Hindu College) and his mother Mrs. Aruna

Sharma, (Pol. Sci lecturer) have been his guiding lights. He added, “ I am greatly

indebted to my school and my teachers who nurtured and polished me to reach the

pinnnacles of success.” An altruist who believes in putting sweat and consistent hardwork

says,” Let your failure be your motivation to success.” The boy said he used to study

around eight hours a day . He shared that he wants to serve his country and wants to

become an able administrator. His success story proved that ,” Success is the result of

perfection, hardwork, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.”