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DAV Public School Pioneers Innovative Teaching
Event Start Date : 16/05/2016 Event End Date 16/05/2016

Teaching through fun learning methods like roleplays, discussions, mimes, quiz, audio- visual presentations etc have been a part of the curriculum of DAV Public School, Lawrence Road, Amritsar since years. In one such effort to boost activity based learning, the students of senior secondary classes were engaged in  a challenge to judge their vocabulary, knowledge of idioms, phrases, authors etc. in English Language. The English department meticulously designed ‘English Quiz’ for the students of Std XI & XII. The students participated in the quiz with great zeal and enthusiasm. They were divided into six teams which competed to prove their mettle and proficiency in English  Language. It was a fun quiz which was  a welcome  break for the students from the normal teaching  in classes. The teams, Mind Bogglers, Free Thinkers,  Quizzards of Oz, Quizzer’s Council, Shakespeare’s Smarter Sibbling and Ingenious gave a tough competition to each other. The final round went in favour of Mind Bogglers who won from Quizzer’s council with a margin of 10 points.
Regional Director, Punjab Zone A, Dr.(Mrs.) Neelam Kamra and the Manager of the school, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Principal DAV College, Hathi Gate, Amritsar congratulated the teachers for bringing innovation in the curriculum to make leaning more effective and interesting.
Dr. Neera Sharma, Principal of the school congratulated the students for their enthusiasm. She advised the students to explore beyond the class room and widen their horizons. She also applauded the efforts of the teachers to organize the event.